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Choosing the right hot water heating system can be complicated! Would a traditional gas heating cylinder be best? Do you need a reliable and roust electric hot water system? Or do you want to save money with an efficient heat pump hot water unit? You might opt for a clean and green solar hot water system.

Each system comes with its own pros and cons, upsides and downsides. You’ll need to take into account the size of the building, number of bathrooms, how many people reside within it and what their hot water needs may be. There’s a lot to think about! The following information has been collected specifically to help people choose the right system for their requirements.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas heating for hot water has long been the standard for many homes throughout Auckland. Gas hot water systems are ideal for homes that already have gas connections for other appliances, heating for instance. They are more energy efficient than an electric system and can be located outside, saving you space. However, as they use a pilot light gas hot water systems must be insulated by a professional plumber. Also, they have a higher heat loss ratio than electric systems and can be more expensive to run.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are the most common form of hot water heating and are found in homes throughout New Zealand. With a cheap initial installation cost, electric heaters provide great water pressure and can meet the needs of even the largest family with ease. As they usually only used during times when electricity prices are at their peak, these systems can prove to be less cost efficient in the long run than other options.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pumps are a fantastic heating solution for your home. With low running costs and an ability to double as an underfloor central heating system, heat pumps are an attractive choice for many home-owners. It is worth bearing in mind that the installation costs can be higher than for other systems and you may need to check with the local council before installing a heat pump system.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Clean, green and more dependable than ever, solar hot water systems are an increasingly popular choice. Solar hot water heating can help you to drastically reduce your energy bills and are great for the environment. You should be aware that you will still need another source of hot water and that not all properties are suitable for solar hot water heating.

The fastest and best way to know exactly which system would suit your particular needs is to speak with your local plumbers in Auckland, Collin’s Plumbing, Gas & Heating. You can browse different models currently available on the Hot Water Heating page of our website.