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Efficient, environmentally friendly and inexpensive, natural gas or LPG is a great choice for heating your home, cooking your food and making sure you always have hot water. A natural gas appliance usually runs at about one third of the price of an equivalent electrical appliance. Not only that, but gas appliances are built to last and generally have a longer lifespan than other alternatives.

Along with all of these positives there is also the need to be vigilant when it comes to gas safety. All gas appliances in the home or office or business require regular servicing to be sure they are operating safely and efficiently. You should only ever employ accredited and reputable gasfitters to service, install or repair your gas appliances. To find out more about the best ways to stay safe when using gas, then read on.

Warning Signs to Look out For

Staying safe when using gas appliances means knowing what warning signs to look out for. By making routine checks of your gas water heater and your gas stove, or gas heater you can avoid repairs or emergencies and the risk of injury or death.
If your appliance is difficult to start, then there may be a blockage stopping the pilot from lighting properly. This should be looked at by a professional gasfitter. If the flames on your stove or water heater are burning yellow instead of blue, then there is too much oxygen in the mix and your appliance may be getting blocked. Copper sulphates can build up on water heating pipes, causing a green fuzz that can eventually damage the appliance. If you notice oxidisation on your pipes, it’s time to call a gasfitter!

When to Have Your Appliance Serviced

Keeping your gas appliances running safely and at maximum efficiency means having a qualified and experienced gasfitter service them regularly. Regular servicing of gas appliances will ensure that your units are connected properly and are free of leaks, corrosion, oxidisation and other debris that can build up and cause problems. Just like your car, it is recommended that you have all the gas appliances in your home or office serviced at least once a year to be certain that they are safe, efficient and working at their full capacity. More often it is used commercially e.g. fryers, ovens, heaters etc.

Always Use a Licensed Professional

Gas is an extremely useful fuel source, but it can also be highly volatile. When dealing with any kind of suspected gas problems, you should only use the services of an accredited, trained and licensed expert and don’t delay. Simply put, if you use anyone other than a professional plumber or gasfitter to service, repair or install your gas appliances, you are putting yourself and your family or tenants at risk.

If you need gas appliance installations, servicing or maintenance, or if you have a gas emergency, contact Collin’s Plumbing, Gas & Heating in Auckland for expert assistance. Our specialist gasfitters will make certain that all gas appliances in your home are working perfectly.