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A stormwater drain is designed to drain excess ground water from surfaces like paved streets, car parks, footpaths and roofs. They funnel away any excess water from your downpipes and grates. It’s not always easy to tell that your stormwater drain is clogged, but if you suspect that it is, do not hesitate to act. Blocked stormwater drains can lead to serious flooding in your home.

As residential and drainage experts in Auckland, we know a blocked stormwater drain when we see one. Here are a few tips on what to do if you think you have the same problem.

How Do I know That It’s Clogged?

It’s not as easy to tell that your stormwater drain is blocked as it is to tell that your toilet or shower drain is blocked. The main way to tell if you are having this issue is if you notice a large puddle or pool of water by the drain after a big storm. This means that the drain is struggling to manage the influx of rainwater. If you notice this pool of water running back into your home, then this is an even bigger sign.

To know for sure, watch the flow of water as it moves through the pipes. If it moves freely, you’re probably in the clear. If you notice that it isn’t moving freely, there is most likely an obstruction.

Read some of our common causes of blocked drains here.

What You Can Do to Try to Fix It

Visually check for obstructions in the pipe to identify any blockages that are easy to see. It may be that a ball, sticks or a clump of leaves fell in there and are stuck, which would be an easy fix. Insects are also common causes, as they like to crawl in these pipes and make nests. Shine a torch in there to make sure – and if it’s something as simple as this – get a long, versatile strap and use it to clear the pipe of all debris.

Another potential problem could be mould. Mould grows in dark, wet places and crevices, and it expands which could trigger the blockage. For this, you make a water with bleach solution and pour it down the drain, breaking up the mould along the way.

When to Call a Professional

It’s always a good idea to schedule maintenance of your drains for every 6 months. This is so no problems like a blocked drainage system arise. However, if you notice symptoms of a block and none of the DIY solutions worked well, you should  call a professional. Blocked stormwater drains are not something to ignore as they can cause substantial flooding and water damage to your home. A professional plumber will be able to provide a high pressure water jet and/or a sewer camera to check. This helps them to identify any problems and the best course of action.

Contact Collin’s Plumbing in Auckland to book an expert for drainage maintenance services that will fix your drainage problems.