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The winter months bring a near-desperate need to keep your home warm, but you don’t want to break the bank or kill the environment just to maintain a comfortable home temperature.

At Collin’s Plumbing, Gas & Heating in Auckland we are experienced installing a wide range of heating systems for your home. When we are helping you determine what heating system is best for your home, we consider how it will be incorporated into the current or future design, rather than trying to force a heating system that doesn’t match. Let’s go over some of the best heating options for your home.

We will consider your budget, environment running costs, heat loss and functionality.

Hydronic In-Floor/Wall

If you are extensively renovating or building a new home, this is your best option. When we install this type of system into your home, we build the pipes into the walls, floors or ceilings, through which hot water will be pumped, radiating warmth through the surfaces and into the rooms. The system involves a combined heating unit that we can place anywhere from a cupboard to the garage, boiler room, service closet or outside, depending on the size and shape of the particular unit.

The great thing about the hydronic system is that is can be used as a cooling and potable hot water duel system, as well. In addition, if you want to save money on hot water generation, we can install it as a solar system combination.

Ducted Central Warm Air

Ducted systems, which are one type of Central Air, work by pushing a convection flow of warm or hot air around the home via insulated ducts in the walls. The air exit through vents that are placed around the home, usually high up on a wall or on the ground.

This type of system is good for discreet heating around your house that is easy to control, quiet, energy-efficient and will undoubtedly increase the value of your home. It can be run from natural gas or LPG and is a popular choice for villas and bungalows. You need floor space or ceiling space.

For more information about central heating systems, click here.


If you choose to heat your home with radiators, you must calculate the size and number of radiators that you plan to place in each room of the home. You have the easy option of either building this system into a new home or retrofitting the system while renovating.

One of the great things about radiators is towel rails in bathrooms you can place them in convenient locations, such as near the bed or couch. In addition, it can be a heating and potable hot water duel system as well as have a solar system combination that will maximise your savings on heating up water.

Collin’s Plumbing, Gas & Heating are your best local plumbers in Auckland. Don’t believe us? Just ask our customers. We have experience installing the best heating systems for your home and your wallet. Contact us today for more information about which heating system is best for you.