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No matter how well it is looked after, there comes a time when every home needs a little maintenance work done. One of the most problem common areas for both homes and businesses is the roof.

No matter how hard wearing or well-made the roofing material is, or how professionally it was installed, eventually you may need to make repairs or even replace the entire roof. The question is; what is the better option, re-roofing, repairing or re-patching? The answer depends entirely on your situation and the amount of damage your roof has sustained over the years.

To make sure that you make the right choice when the time comes, you need to be fully informed of what your options are and what warning signs to look out for. Here are our insights into the pros and cons of repatching and repairing. We’ll even give you some tips on when you should be thinking about roof repairs!

The Benefits of Repatching Your Roof

Ignoring minor leaks, cracks, holes or damage to your roof can cause a host of issues later on. By not dealing with these problems immediately, you could be risking significant structural damage to your home. Moisture can lead to rot, mildew, mould, and even affect the very foundations of a building. If there are only a few isolated areas on your roof that need to be fixed, then repatching may be a smarter and more economical option for you than a total roof replacement.

Why You Should Have Your Roof Replaced

If you find that your roof has sustained extreme amounts of damage during a storm or has simply failed to stand the test of time, then you may wish to consider replacing it. While the re-roofing process is more expensive than simply repairing individual damaged areas, if the roof has sustained considerable damage then an entirely new roof may be the better option. By choosing a new roof, you can avoid reoccurring leaks and prevent problems from worsening. Better yet, you can also rejuvenate the entire look and feel of your home!

When You Should Consider Roof Repairs or Replacements

Replacing or repairing a roof is a big job that requires a big commitment. It’s not something to go into lightly! However, there are many roofing issues that you should not ignore should they occur in your home or business.

Constant roof leaks, persistent draughts, cracked or broken tiling, worn metal or the accumulation of moss or lichen are all warning signs. To make certain you make the right choice, contact a professional roofer from Collin’s Plumbing, Gas and Heating in Auckland. We provide professional plumbing, re-roofing and roof maintenance services for residential and commercial premises.