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Your Guide to Gas Conversion in New Zealand

By 28 November 2016July 15th, 2021No Comments

Some appliances run on LPG or propane gas while others run on natural gas or methane. The two different appliances are not interchangeable.

To change the type of gas you’re using, a gas conversion needs to occur. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about gas conversion in New Zealand.

Why Conversion?

Before we get into further detail, it’s worth explaining why a conversion is necessary. It all has to do with energy. You see, LPG has a higher calorific value or energy content, so you need less gas to produce the same amount of heat. LPG also needs a higher oxygen to gas ratio to properly combust. The ratio for LPG is 25 to 1, while for methane (natural gas) it is 10 to 1.

Finally, natural gas and LPG home appliances such as hot water and gas heating run at different pressures. Natural gas needs a pressure of 1.1 kPA (kilopascals) while LPG needs 2.75. 

All about Conversion Kits

There are a few household appliances that operate on either natural gas or LPG. You can probably think of a few, like your BBQ, oven, hot water system, and heating. Fortunately, most home appliance manufacturers include gas conversion kits with their appliances. These kits provide all the equipment you need to convert a gas appliance.

Qualified Gasfitters Only! 

Only a qualified plumber or gas fitter should perform a gas conversion. This is because such an operation has the potential to be quite dangerous. Here are a few reasons why you should always rely on a professional.

  • Gas Leaks – a natural gas or LGP leak is no laughing matter. Both gases can cause serious physical harm if inhaled, potentially leading to very severe injuries. A gas fitter is fully qualified to work with gas appliances, meaning they can predict and prevent gas leaks during a conversion.
  • Fire or Explosion – gas is a highly flammable substance in any form. If it gathers in dense concentrations, you run the risk or a house fire or large explosion. Trust an expert gas fitter to avoid these dangerous outcomes.
  • Close Enough is Not Good Enough – while there are many tasks you can do yourself, gas conversions aren’t one of them. The risks involved for you and your property are simply too high.

Contact a Professional Today

Looking for a licensed and qualified gasfitter in Auckland? Contact Collin’s Plumbing. We can help you with all your gas appliance conversions. Call us on 0800 004 065 or visit us online. Our experts will have you cooking, cleaning and heating with the right gas in no time.