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Blocked Drains! The 5 Most Common Culprits

By 13 January 2017July 15th, 2021No Comments

Here at Collin’s Plumbing, the most common call-out we get is for blocked drains.

A blocked drain is a headache at best and a major inconvenience at worst.

Let’s take a light-hearted peek at some of the most common culprits we’ve found down blocked drains.

  1. Tap Roots 

That large majestic tree you have in your front yard might just be causing you some plumbing problems. You see, trees with deep root systems love growing their roots downwards to search for water. Over time, older clay pipes will become prone to cracking. Once a small crack opens up, that root will detect it and invade the pipe, causing a blocked drain. This can often get fixed up by installing newer, more durable pipes but it’s still a good idea to consider replacing your tree.

  1. Hair!

Human hair is a major cause of blocked drains in Auckland homes, especially in the bathroom. Consider installing a trap in your bathroom sink to stop hair from clogging your drains and make sure you don’t shave under an unprotected sink. You can also use drain cleaning products to try and dissolve your blockages but be careful. It’s always best to call a professional if you have persistent problems.

  1. Baby Wipes! 

Baby wipes, wet wipes and other solid wipes may be great for cleaning and wiping, but they’re not exactly biodegradable. Unlike toilet paper, these products don’t dissolve when they meet water. Instead, they clump together and form a sticky, solid mass that is bad news for your plumbing system. The problem is, many baby wipes have been advertised as flushable in the past and manufacturers have even got into trouble for this. Just remember – no matter what the packet says – put your wipes in the bin.

  1. Paper Towel

While paper towels do0 break down they tend to be much thicker than toilet rolls. This means that they have the potential to clog your pipes. Similarly to wet wipes, you should always throw your paper towel in the bin.

  1. Sanitary Items

Tampons and sanitary napkins belong in the bin or in special containers. This is why public toilets often come equipped with sanitary bins. Before you throw anything down a drain, remember to consider how absorbent it is and consider the effect this could have.

Contact a Professional! 

Got a blocked drain? Don’t worry – help is available. At Collin’s Plumbing in Auckland, we specialise in residential plumbing services. We can get to the source of the problem and get your water flowing again. Call us on 0800 004 065 or contact us here. We’ll resolve your problem quickly and professionally.