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Blocked Drains! The 5 Most Common Culprits

Here at Collin’s Plumbing, the most common call-out we get is for blocked drains. A blocked drain is a headache at best and a major inconvenience at worst. Let’s take a light-hearted peek at some of the most common culprits we’ve found down blocked drains. Tap Roots  That large majestic tree you have in your […]

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Solving your common plumbing problems

Solving Your Common Problems with Plumbing

Collin’s Plumbing, Gas & Heating have been fixing your everyday plumbing issues for almost 10 years. We’ve come up with a list of common plumbing problems, the potential consequences and how we can help you. From leaking taps, hot water cylinder problems to clogged drains. We’ve helped people all over Auckland fix the common issues, so […]

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