Brivis Ducted Climate System

Ducted HeatingWith the ever-increasing cost of power, more and more New Zealanders are moving towards central heating to warm their home, and for good reason. While there are many types of central heating, Collins Plumbing & Gas recommend Gas Central Heating for the best results.

Using ducting and ventilation systems within the ceiling or under floor of your home, we can install a gas central heating system that can be temperature controlled by you with the touch of a button.

The Advantages of Gas Central Heating are:

Whole Home Heating –The gas central heating system heats your whole house, so there’s no walking from a warm room into a freezing cold one.

  • Touch Button Temperature Control – You can heat the room to the temperature you require easily.
  • Maximise Your Living Space – There’s no unsightly or bulky heating unit that takes over your living areas or only heats one part of your home.
  • Automatic and Programmable – Your central heating needs change throughout the day, and your central heating system can be programmed to give you a warm home even before you arrive home from work.
  • Safe and Child Proof – With a gas central heating system, there are no hot surfaces that are common with other heating systems, so there’s no risk to your young family.
  • Simple and Easy to Use – Heating your home should be easy and the gas central heating systems Collins Plumbing & Gas have on offer are easily mastered so you get the best use out of them year round.

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