Central Heating Systems

At Collins, we offer an amazing range of heating options for Auckland homes and businesses. Our experienced team can help you with central heating installation, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.

Our Heating Options and Solutions are calculated and selected to best suit your needs and environment. We focus on energy efficient systems that are functional, and combine both hot water requirements and heating/cooling your home or business.

An Experienced Home Heating Team

Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. They are trained and equipped to install a wide range of central heating systems and can provide expert advice on what kind of system will work best for your home or business.

Our home heating specialists have all undergone extensive training, and we are committed to ongoing training and education to keep them at the top of their field.

We offer central heating installation for a wide range of systems.

In-Floor, In-Wall, and In-Ceiling Systems

These systems heat your home by using heated or cooled water that travels through pipes. These pipes can be installed in the floor, walls, or ceiling of a building and will radiate heat into a space or cool it down. Read more about our in-floor, in-wall and in-ceiling systems..

Radiator System

Collin’s radiator systems also use hot water, pumped through radiators to heat rooms. Radiator home heating is efficient, easy to retro-fit, and runs very quietly. However, these systems can only be used for heating, not cooling. Read more about radiator systems..

Hydronic Fan Coil System

Hydronic fan coil systems use fans and vents in the floor or ceiling that disperse warm air throughout a building. This system offers a lot of flexibility, allowing you to heat or cool individual rooms as required. Read more about our Hydronic Fan Coil System.

Brivis Ducted Climate System

Collin’s also offers the Brivis gas heating system, one of the best central heating options for Auckland. These systems heat the whole home evenly and quickly. They are also very safe as no parts of the heater itself become hot during use.

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