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Our team are passionate about our industry and providing our customers with the best options for their home or business . For Hot Water Options we have many  to choose from.  Our team have all the info on what might best suit your needs best . Hot Water is something we all rely on daily and the usage can vary from home to home. When it comes to hot water heating , its best you make a informed decision . The most common of these Hot Water options are :

  • Gas Instantaneous Hot Water Units – Our recommended Brand –  BOSCH

As the service agents and recommended installers of all Bosch Hot Water and Heating Products in Auckland we are proud to supply & install these hot water options that offer both high quality and high efficiency hot water solutions. There are various sizes available which are paired to suit your needs e.g number bathrooms in your house, number of residents in your home etc.

The units can be selected and set up for either Natural Gas (NG) or LPG bottles. Gas is a very efficient way to heat your water in your home. Rather than store the water and heat it constantly , you are only heating it as you require – saving you money in power/electricity.

These gas hot water units are available in either Electric Powered or Hydro Powered.

  • Low Pressure Hot Water Cylinders
  • High Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

A few brands we install (but not limited to) are Peter Cocks, Rheem & Rinnai. These are all well known brands in NZ . Due to advancements in technology , Hot Water Cylinders are now much more advanced  and offer far better efficiency and reliability than those of years ago. There are many sizes and specifications on offer, talk to our team today about your Hot Water Cylinder needs in Auckland and we can help!

  • Custom made Tanks

If  the ready made tanks available , are not suitable for your needs , we can offer the solution of a custom made tanks – pretty much any size can be designed and made.


Imagine you could have one system installed that heats the water for your kitchen & bathroom needs , BUT also your home heating ………..

Look no further, these system exist and have been installed in Europe for decades, NZ is finally benefiting from this technology and our Collins Team of skilled Heating professionals can design and install these high efficiency and eco-friendly systems for you! Our team includes German Heating Engineers who have trained in-house our Kiwi specialists team members.

Collins Plumbing, Gas and Heating is proud to promote, sell and install the finest quality units that we can find, to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best energy efficiency when wanting to heat their water and home.

The energy efficient heating of hot water is the start of any future-proofed home –  its a one stop system for all applications.

Collins designs and installs these “one -stop” systems to the highest standards, craftsmanship, flair and expertise. You can rely on us to get it right first time!

We offer:

  • Continuous Flow Units
  • Condensing Gas Boilers
  • Solar Units
  • Air-to-water Heatpumps
  • Ground Source Heatpumps
  • Diesel boilers
  • Wood Boilers

You can also have a combination of solar/electrical/gas etc.
We also offer the design and installation of completely integrated potable and hydronic heating systems. Please see Hydronic Heating systems
If its energy efficiency you are looking for, then you cannot go past Collins Plumbing, Gas and Heating, it is in our hearts.

Bosch Domestic Hot Water Gas Solutions
Bosch Solar
Bosch Hydronic Condensing Units
Bosch Domestic Hot Water Gas Solutions Bosch Domestic Hot Water Gas Solutions

Call Collins Plumbing, Gas and Heating now on 0800 888 007 to find out how we can help you decide as to which hot water heating unit is just right for your needs and usage.

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