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Hydronic Fan Coil System

A Hydronic Fan Coil Heating/Cooling System uses a Central Heating Unit to heat water that is then piped though a Fan Coil Unit that then pushes the warm air around the ducting to be dispersed into the rooms to heat.

It can be place in a new build or retrofit when renovating.
The vents are placed in the ceilings and floors around the home where the heating is needed.
The Central Heating Unit can be placed in a convenient setting in the building allowing for the ducting.
The system is calculated and sized to suit the dwelling through the Heat Retention Calculation carried out by our Heating Engineer.

Features of the Hydronic Fan Coil Heating/Cooling System:

  • The outlets or ducts are placed around the home and can be placed in the floors, walls or ceilings, depending on space available to fit the ducting.
  • Consistent air temperature around the home
  • Can be used as a cooling ducted system depending on Heating Unit chosen.
  • Mainly invisible heating system.
  • Fully controllable system with thermostats in every room.
  • It is a flexible system that can be controlled by zones in each area or by rooms via thermostats.
  • The Unit is governed by a Central Weather Compensating Controller that allows the entire system to turn itself off when it is not necessary to heat. This means that you do not come home after leaving the system “on” to find you have “cooked” your home!
  • Mainly invisible system.

Points to consider when installing a Ducted Warm Air System:

  • Can be combined with other systems, i.e. In-floor downstairs, ducted fan coil unit using warm air on the next level.
  • Quick heat up time.
  • Installation flexibility.

The types of Heating Units that suit a Ducted Warm Air System.

  • Air-to-Water Heatpump
  • Ground Source Heatpump
  • Diesel boiler
  • Gas Boiler
  • Wood pellet boiler/solid fuel
  • Solar assisted/integrated usage combination depending on the other heating source used.

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