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Radiator System

Radiator systems have been a very popular way to heat a home in Europe and in New Zealand, both in the past and present day.

The generated hot water is pumped through the piping and through the radiators to heat the spaces where they are placed. The system is calculated and sized to suit the dwelling through the Heat Retention Calculation carried out by our Heating Engineer. This ensures maximum efficiency from each radiator, with as low running costs as possible. Also ensures correct placement of the radiators to catch the cold where it first presents itself in the dwelling.

Features of a Collins Radiator system are:

  • Great retrofit ability as they are easily installed in and around an existing dwelling, with minimum disturbance.
  • Radiators have a quick heat up time so that they can heat space quickly.
  • There is no noise from fans and no dust as they have few moving parts.
  • The system is governed by a central ambient weather compensating controller that allows the system to turn itself off when it is not necessary to heat. This means that you do not come home after leaving the system on to find you have “cooked” your home!
  • Each radiator is completely controllable as they have a thermostat that gives you control over their individual temperature. This allows for flexibility in heating throughout the home.
  • The colour and styles are many. Radiators can be painted to suit the colour of where they are to be installed, also whether you wish to have an old world look through to the more modern fresh, there is a style to suit every décor.
  • Can be combined with a potable hot water system. Can be combined with other systems, i.e. radiators upstairs with hydronic in-floor heating down stairs etc.
  • Can be combined with a solar system.

Points to consider when installing a Radiator system:

Radiators take up space as they “sit” next to the wall and cannot be moved.

A radiator system cannot be used for cooling.

The types of Heating units that suit a Radiator system are:

  • Air-to-Water Hot Water Heatpump
  • Ground source Heatpump
  • Solar assisted usage combination with other heating sources above.
  • Diesel boiler
  • Wood pellet boiler
  • Gas Combination Boiler

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