The idea of using the sun to heat hot water has been around with us for years on end.

Technology has come a long way as to when the first solar systems were installed in New Zealand and there have been a number of technologies that have come and gone.

One main point about a solar system is that is exactly that; a complete “System”.

At Collins we model the system needed using a Solar Simulation Calculation programme that will reveal the performance of the system before you have an installation carried out. You will know the installation costs and also the predicted savings over a year based on today’s electricity prices. There is no hit and miss with a solar system and no guess work.

There is always a necessity to incorporate an additional back up heating source to compensate for bad weather when the sun does not shine!

All componentry used at Collins is always of a high standard and we continually search for new ideas and componentry to include in the products that we endorse and supply. The products we use have already proven that they withstand the test of time in the sun and provide a long term solution for your hot water needs.

We can also advise our clients on what type of collector to use;

  1. flat plate collectors
  2. evacuated tube collectors

There are two main types of solar system works.

  1. A closed loop system
  2. An open loop system

Applications for Solar Hot water generation are endless, whether for a family home or large commercial accommodation complexes. The fact that water heating accounts for approximately 48% of a power usage. By using solar collectors to heat water, you will get savings of up to 70% of hot water generation component of the power bill, this equates to about 33% saving on the final power bill.The technology can also be combined with and added to the Central Heating componentry to boost the total system utilising hot water.

Solar collectors are most cost-effective in sunny, temperate areas, such as that in New Zealand. They can be cost effective virtually anywhere in the country, so, should be considered when renovating or building new.

There are a number of situations that solar hot water can offer a great solution;

  • Solar is a very useful addition to a heating system.
  • Stand-alone solar systems, for potable hot water generation.
  • Photovoltaic-Thermal, (PVT), These Solar units/systems that not only create useable hot water but also electricity.
  • Specialty stand-alone specialised solar systems for the sole purpose for the heating of swimming pools etc.

At Collins we help you decide which one is best suited to your needs for hot water, taking into account usage, placing and budget. We make sure that what you are getting is not an over spend on your behalf, rather an informed decision can be made about your investment, that will suit your needs best.

Call Collins today to find out just how easy and simple it is to have your own energy efficient solar system designed and installed that will give you years of free hot water from the sun!

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