What is a Heat Retention Calculation?

What is a Heat Retention Calculation?

Heat RetentionThe “birth” of your Heating System.

A Heat Retention Calculation is a specific calculation using the individual plans supplied via architects engineers, designers or clients. It is carried out in house using a specialised German Heating Software specially required for these types of calculations.

Before the calculation is carried out it is also a great time for clients and/or their architects to meet up with one of our team to discuss your requirements, and to arrive at the system that would suit the build and maybe the heating unit as well.

The systems for you to consider for your build:

  • Hydronic In-Floor/wall/ceiling heating/cooling system
  • Radiator system
  • Ducted Hot Air system
  • Fan coil Hydronic system

The Heating units to consider for your build:

  • Air-to-Water Hot Water Heatpump, (heating and cooling)
  • Ground Source Heatpump, (heating and cooling)
  • Diesel boiler
  • Wood pellet boiler
  • Gas Combination Boiler.
  • Solar integrated/combination with other heating sources above.

It is then our Heating Designer can start to work on the design and sizing of the heating system and unit you desire.

There are many aspects to building a home.

The Heat Retention Calculation takes into account all the information about the individual home. No two homes are ever alike.

Some examples of what is needed are:

  • Where the building is sitting i.e. up on a hill with high wind exposure or down a gully with little sun exposure, etc.
  • The types of building materials, from insulation to window styles and double triple glazing etc.
  • Composition of the building and composition of walls, floors ceilings, etc. block/timber etc.
  • Floor coverings, that either work with the sun, i.e. polished concrete, tiles or not, i.e.  carpet, wood, cork etc.
  • The number of levels of the dwelling.
  • Site placement, north, south etc.
  • Size and stud heights of rooms
  • Room usage, a bathroom needs to be warmer than a games room.The Heat Retention Calculation is usually taken from the most final plans available as if there is a wall, window, or door moved, change or deleted it can impact on the heating requirements of the whole system.

This calculation arrives at the precise kilowatts that are needed to heat every room in the dwelling to a comfortable level, while using as little fuel as possible, thus saving energy.

This calculation gives information for the correct sizing of the Heating Unit to be used.

To sum up

The Heat Retention Calculation is the foundation of the Heating System.
It ensures that when the system is turned on you have a high preforming Heating/cooling System that has as lower running cost as possible. It also ensures that there is no over expenditure and no under/over sizing of any componentry or Heating Unit.

This can then be used to arrive at the Free Quote for your new heating system.
Without a Heat Retention Calculation it is impossible to arrive at a true quote for a heating system.

We look forward to showing you just how simple and easy arriving at your unique heating system is, and how energy efficient a heating system from Collins Plumbing, Gas and Heating can be!

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