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Expert Pump Technicians

We have a specialist Pump Technician on our team who has worked on a variety of pumps over many years. He’s able to expertly ascertain what’s required and offer the best and most cost efficient solution. We have long established business relationships with the pump companies, so we can service and supply all makes and models for every situation or application; water pump, storm water, sewage, hot pump, booster pump.

We are also able to service and repair pumps, and have testing equipment and spare parts to deal with the pumps we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Here are a few of the fields we commonly come accross

  • Water pumps for rural, retention/detention systems
  • Grey water pumps (under bench below sewer level kitchen and laundry set-ups)
  • Sewage (for basement bathrooms below sewer lines)
  • Submersible storm water and sewage pumps for houses and commercial situations
  • Commercial/ whole house modular sewage pump stations.

We would like to take this opportunity of giving thanks & praise of one of your workers Gerar and workers whom committed a fantastic service and professional attitude, Well recommended to all Much appreciated in fixing our leaks.

Joe Peteru

Prompt arrival, fast and reliable service. Highly recommend

Ranjan Amarasekara

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