What is a Central Heating System?

Rotex tank and Desiel Boiler(1)A central heating system refers to a “system” that has a central “Heating Unit” that generates the hot water, for the “Heating System”. This Auckland central heating system can be of a one type of componentry or a combination of a couple of systems. For example, there could be a combination of an In-floor Heating System down stairs and a Ducted Heating System up stairs. These systems would make up the entire Heating/cooling System for the dwelling.

The “Heating Unit” unusually supplies all the hot water needed for heating/cooling and potable hot water for the dwelling.

The “Heating system” can be:

  • In-floor heating
  • Radiator
  • Ducted air
  • In-wall
  • In-ceiling
  • Brivis Climate System
  • Or a combination of the above, depending on the build, and needs of the client.

A “Heating Unit” can be either:

  • Ground Source Heatpump Unit
  • Air- to-Water Heatpump Unit
  • Diesel Unit
  • Gas Condensing Unit
  • Brivis Climate System

The units are unusually chosen to do the specific job for the system chosen. This choice comes from not only the client but also from the application, usage and Heat Retention Calculation, as some units are more suited to heat different systems than others. This is because different units can create higher temperatures at a more energy efficient rate.

All these questions are usually sorted out in the design phase of the heating/cooling system, with discussions with clients about hot water usage for heating/cooling and potable hot water.

We, a professional Auckland central heating company look forward to talking with you to start your planning for your totally integrated potable and central heating system now!

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