Energy Efficient Heating Systems

Ground Source Heating Unit

A Ground Source Heating Unit uses energy from the ground that remains rather constant, even in colder areas in New Zealand.
This energy from the ground is transferred from the earth to the water/ glycol mix that runs through pipes that are buried under the ground. They can be buried within trenches or boreholes drilled down into the ground. This pre-heated fluid runs to and through a Heatpump Unit that exchanges the energy to the heating systems that will then be used directly for potable hot water and space heating/cooling.
A Ground Source Heatpump has pipes that can also be placed in water such as a lake or river if this is available nearby the dwelling to be built.
This Ground Source Unit and the boreholes sizing and depth is all part of the calculation that takes place as part of the Heat Retention Calculation has been carried out.

Features of Ground Source Heating Unit

  • Quiet running inside, external unit runs with a quiet fan.
  • Exceptional cost reducing running costs, up to 75% of your hot water for free.
  • Set and forget installation, has a built in brain.
  • Can be used for potable hot water and heating systems.
  • Can be used to cool depending on the type on componentry you have installed in the dwelling.
  • No outdoor componentry, great for areas where salt air corrosion could be an issue.


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